Create Immersive Experiences with Real-World Rewards

Generate new pathways for customers to interact with your brand through co-developing immersive digital experiences linked with real-world rewards.

Step 1 - Integrate

An eCommerce Brand uploads their products to Helix Worlds and creates digital twin which can be placed in games

Step 2 - Develop

A game developer uses the digital twin and places it in-game for players to see and use. This is non-disruptive in-game product placement.

Step 3 - Play

A player is able to play the game on a preferred platform and can see the eCommerce Brand product throughout the game.

Step 4 - Scan

The player is able to use the Helix Worlds mobile application to scan any product they like (like scanning a QR code).

Step 5 - Purchase

Having scanned an in-game product (digital twin) the player is taken from the Helix Worlds mobile app, to the eCommerce Brand store. In the eCommerce store the item can be purchased.

Step 6 - Utilize

Having purchased the item from the eCommerce store, the player receives the ‘real-world’ product (as normal), while also being able to wear / use that item in-game.

Your Products, Empowering Possibilities

Unlock a world where your products transcend the ordinary, becoming the catalysts for limitless virtual experiences.

For E-Commerce Brands
  • Forging Virtual Bonds

    Generate digital twins of your physical products and establish seamless connections with game developers.

  • Seamless Product Integration

    Import products directly from your E-Commerce Platform (Shopify, Wordpress, etc.)

  • Dual Realms Engagement

    Connect with customers in both reality and the Metaverse. Elevate marketing for your established and fresh products.

  • Unveiling Brand Insights

    Gain deeper insights into your brand with comprehensive performance and market metrics.

For Game Developers
  • Seamless Product Integration

    Access exclusive game assets and work directly with brands to develop exciting immersive experiences.

  • Simplified Asset Management

    Organize and manage game assets with our simplified and easy-to-use game development system.

  • Smooth Collaboration

    Connect with players in both reality and the Metaverse. Elevate marketing for your established and fresh products.

  • Broader Range of Gamers

    Create non-disruptive methods to advertise and monetise your games and connect with a new type of gamer.

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